Download Ipevo Cameras

Download Ipevo Cameras

Download Ipevo Point 2 View USB Camera Driver (Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder). Download Ipevo P2V USB Camera Driver for Windows. IPEVO Presenter for ChromebookTake Your Doc Cam Even FurtherIPEVO Presenter is specifically designed for the IPEVO family of document cameras, and it's packed full of, The ipevo presenter software takes the functionality of your document cameras to a whole new level.


IPEVO Visualizer can be installed on LPS Teacher laptops via Filewave Updates are pushed automatically via the Managed Software Center.

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Ziggi-HD Plus / V4K (Document Camera)

When you plug a Ziggi-HD document camera in to a Chromebook or a Chrometop, the Camera app in ChromeOS should see it without any additional software necessary. However, the camera software does not have any of the presentation features you may desire. See the instructions below to install the Visualizer software.

Download Ipevo Cameras

Please Note: Document camera purchases must be made using the LPS requisition form. See the Computing Services Buying Guide for information regarding purchases of the IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus or V4K USB Document Cameras.

IPEVO Visualizer (App)


Download Ipevo Visualizer

The iPevo Visualizer software does not really install on the device you are using. It installs to your Chrome profile. This means it will follow you from device to device. You should only have to install it one time, and it will stay with you as you move from building to building.

Download Ipevo Cameras Best Buy

  1. Open the Chrome web browser (if on a Chromebook, click the Chrome icon at the bottom of the Chromebook screen).
  2. Use this link (iPevo Visualizer) to be taken to the iPevo Visualizer extension in the Google Chrome Web Store.
  3. Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button.
  4. Click “Add App” on the pop-up.