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NI Linux Device Drivers software provides Linux Desktop support for a variety of NI test and measurement hardware. It offers a repository add-on that you can download to instruct your Linux distribution’s native package manager to install NI driver software packages such as NI-DAQmx, NI-VISA, NI-488.2, and NI-Sync. Usb Mass Storage Device Driver free download - USB Mass Storage Controller, Samsung USB Mass Storage Device, USB 2.0 Mass Storage Device, and many more programs.

Download (1.06 MB) Linux Driver: TN-USB3-SX-01 Series. Sep 19, 2016: Download (17.19 KB) Drivers: N-GXE-POE-xx-01. Dec 10, 2015: Download (230.53 MB) USB Driver: S3230 Series. Dec 1, 2010: Download (15.00 KB) USB Driver: S3220 Series. Dec 1, 2010: Download (15.00 KB) USB Driver: S2220 Series. Dec 1, 2010: Download (15.00 KB) USB Drivers: IONMM. The drivers are available for download from the Linx Technologies website, The functions for accessing the USB module directly are described in detail in the Programmer’s Guide, AN-00200, which is also available for download on the Linx website. Installing the Drivers The drivers may be downloaded from the Linx website.

Brainboxes USB-connected serial port products can be installed as standard Linux serial port devices using the ftdi_sio module which is already available in any modern variety of Linux. All that is required is to teach the module the plug-and-play codes which identify the products, and we provide a shell script to automate that process. To set up your system to automatically recognise and install all Brainboxes USB-connected serial port devices, you need to have the ‘brainboxes-usb’ script run at start-up. The standard way to arrange for scripts to be run at start-up is to use the System V style init system, and you can add the script to the init system using the following steps. You will need superuser privileges to do this, so either log in as root or prefix all the commands below with ‘sudo ’ (you will be asked for the root password).

  1. Download the ‘brainboxes-usb’ script onto your Linux system and save or copy it into the /etc/init.d directory.

    cd /etc/init.d

    wget -qO- -O && unzip && rm

  2. Use chmod to make the script executable

    chmod +x /etc/init.d/brainboxes-usb

  3. Make the file run at system start up:
    • Debian-type (including Raspbian for Raspberry Pi) systems, use this command to add this script to the init system:

      update-rc.d brainboxes-usb defaults

    • Redhat and SuSE Linux (including Centos) use a program called chkconfig instead:

      /sbin/chkconfig --add brainboxes-usb

    • On systems where neither of these programs are available, you can use runlevel editors such as sysv-rc-conf or bum instead, or create the link directly:

      cd /etc

      ln -s ../init.d/brainboxes-usb rcS.d/S20brainboxes-usb

      Adjusting the sequence number '20' if necessary so that it is greater than the sequence number of the udev start script. If your system has no /etc/rcS.d directory, you'll have to create links in /etc/rc2.d, /etc/rc3.d, /etc/rc4.d and /etc/rc5.d instead.

  4. The script will now be run automatically at start-up. To run it the first time, either reboot or run the script manually:/etc/init.d/brainboxes-usb start The USB-connected serial ports will be installed as devices named /dev/ttyUSBn, where n is a number.

RS-422/485 Full/Half Duplex

For RS-422/485 ports, the half/full duplex mode is selected by configuring the DTR output. If DTR is set (which seems to be the default), the port is in full-duplex mode, and if DTR is not set, the port is in half-duplex mode. You can control DTR from your application using ioctl() calls.

Product Support for this Driver

This driver is intended for use with Brainboxes USB2Serial devices and Expresscards with product codes US & VX.

This FAQ Applies to the following Brainboxes Product Ranges:

The QS Series USB module allows the rapid addition of USB to virtually any device. Housed in a compact SMD package, the module provides a complete solution for converting data between USB and CMOS / TTL logic level serial sources. Connect your device to a USB port with the QS Series USB interface module. Use it to set up communication between a PC and a serial device such as a microcontroller, Linx RF module or legacy peripheral that has no native USB port.


  • Connect serial devices: convert CMOS/TTL signals to USB and back again
  • Ensure compatibility: Microsoft certified drivers work with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 10 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Integrate with ease: simple hardware configuration lets you translate data without programming
  • Streamline production: save time and money with modules that are already tested


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SDM-USB-QS-SQS Series USB Interface Module Datasheet
MDEV-USB-QSQS Series Master Development System Datasheet

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To order, please call +1 (800) 736-6677 or +1 (541) 471-6256 for callers outside the United States.

Application Examples

  • Connect a microcontroller to a USB port
  • Set up communication between an RS-232 peripheral and a PC
  • Demonstrate the features of a Linx RF module using computer software

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Drivers & Software

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  • QS Series Certified Driver Installer

    Bundled file; automatically installs the drivers. Certified for Windows 2000, Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64) and Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64) attachment

  • QS Series Certified Driver Package

    Separate files; no automatic installation. Certified for Windows 2000, Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64) and Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64) attachment

  • QS C Header File

    Certified for Windows 2000, Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64) and Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64) attachment

  • QS VB Header File

    Certified for Windows 2000, Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64) and Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64) attachment