Download Melco Network & Wireless Cards Driver

Download AmayaOS for free. The Amaya Operating System - Reinventing the wheel. AmayaOS is an operating system similar to UNIX which is free software and respects your freedom. The Melco connects to your router/network via the LAN port and your Streamer plugs into the Player port. By doing this you are in effect isolating your streamer from any noise/interference which will be present on your network, improving sound quality. Melco Hi-Res Audio Ethernet Cable € 49.00 – € 99.00 A wide bandwidth Category 7 construction for low jitter with gold plated data connectors and shield. The Melco N100 is the cheaper of the two devices. Melco claims that N100 uses the same extreme low-noise high precision digital music data flow of the existing Melco series and, like the N10, uses no ‘standard IT’ components or PC parts. Just like the N10, the N100, mainboard uses the exact same RISC processor and architecture as the N1Z.

  1. Download Melco Network & Wireless Cards Drivers

- The Local USB-DAC player can be used in the same manner as the Network Player. The Local USB-DAC player is simply controlled from

a UPnP Control App on a Smartphone or Tablet on the network. The App discovers the N1 - DAC as a Digital Media Renderer or Player

on the Network as soon as a DAC is connected to the N1.

- The N1 is connected to various Hi-Fi USB-DAC using a standard USB lead. >Compatibility list

- The N1 Local USB-DAC Player supports PCM up to 384 kHz / 32 bit, and DSD up to 11.3 MHz Quad DSD.

- Automatic sample rate adjustment to match the capabilities of the connected DAC - e.g. 192 kHz is automatically downsampled to play on

a 96 kHz capable DAC.

- Automatic conversion of DSD to 32 bit PCM for USB DAC that does not support DSD. (Manual setting in the Menu)

- The Melco Local USB-DAC player can be easily controlled by your favorite UPnP control Point (App).

- The Playlist can be stored either on N1 (Mode 1) to allow the playlist to be maintained even if the App is out of contact, or the Playlist is

stored on the App (Mode 0) when the App requires it.

Confirmed App

Model 0: MELCO Music HD, Bubble UPnP, mConnect

Model 1: Bubble UPnP, Kazoo

- Supports saving `now playing` playlist in control apps to N1 in mode 1 with USB-DAC connection.

* To delete saved playlist, PC / Mac / CIFS compatible application is necessary.

- Supports managing internet radio URLs to m3u files, by saving m3u files to N1ʼs share folder: selecting from ‘playlist` in navigation tree to listen to the internet radio while using USB-DAC connection.
* Reception of internet radio is not supported / guaranteed.

- The Melco Local USB-DAC player will play Music stored on open shares on the Network in addition to music stored on the Melco.

- Gapless playback is supported. (WAV FLAC AIFF ALAC, streaming music may not support gapless playback at some environment)

- Melco Direct Local Play - browse and play music directly from the front panel without any requirement for an App or Ethernet connection. Support Repeat and Shuffle playback.

- CD transport - A CD loaded into the optical drive offers choice to IMPORT or PLAY. Selecting PLAY - the N1 functions as a high-end CD player allowing use of the latest USB-DAC technology with control from the front panel and informative display on the front panel OELD. Support Repeat and Shuffle playback.

- MELCO Markerless DSD Playback (Not DoP) - DSD file is played without PCM marking if the connected USB-DAC supports Markerless DSD playback. Check the compatible USB-DAC.


'DSD over PCM priority mode' applies DoP playback even if a connected USB-DAC supports Markerless DSD playback.

Additionally, 'Legacy' mode will work as previous firmware Ver 3.00-3.21 Local USB-DAC Player.

- TIDAL support - play songs from streaming service on the connected USB-DAC.*

Compatible App to play from streaming service: Bubble UPnP (Android only), Kazoo, mconnect

Download Melco Network & Wireless Cards Drivers

*The available streaming service will vary depending on country.