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Do I need a license for every computer that will run Labber?

Yes, you need a valid license for each computer that is running the Instrument Server or the Measurement program. There are discounts available for acquiring multiple licenses.

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Do I need a license to use the Log Browser?

No, you only need a valid license for running the Instrument Server and the Measurement program. The Log Browser can be used without a license, meaning that you will always be able to access your data, even after a license has expired.


Can I re-use the same license if I replace an older computer with a new one?

Yes, but first you need to deactivate the license on the old computer. This is done by clicking the Deactivate-button in the “License registration”-dialog in the Instrument Server.


Download Micropi Elettronica Others Drivers

I’m having difficulties installing/running Labber on my computer

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Labber requires Mac OS X 10.8 or Windows 7 or later. If you’re experiencing difficulties installing or running the software, please see the “Installation”-section in the documentation.