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Active HMD Clip[edit]

NaturalPoint SmartNAV 3 free download. Get the latest version now. NaturalPoint SmartNAV 3. Nvidia OpenGL Driver 4.1 for. When the download is complete, run the installer to initiate the installation process. Install the USB Driver If you are installing Motive for the first time, it will prompt to install the OptiTrack USB Driver (e.g. Install this driver. This driver is required for all OptiTrack USB devices including the hardware key.

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Active HMD Clip is an HMD enclosure with a total of 8 active markers embedded for tracking. At the time of writing, there are active HMD clips for Vive Pro / Valve Index HMDs available on the webstore. The clips can be mounted easily by pushing it onto the HMD until the latches click, and you can detach it by gently lifting the three latches located at the top, left, and right side of the clip.

Once the clip has been mounted, next step is to import the provided rigid body asset into Motive and refine the definition to get the calibrated pivot point position and orientation, which will be explained on the next section.

Download Naturalpoint Driver Windows 7

  • Active marker clip for HTC Vive Pro.