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Jul 23, 2017 I am running WSJT-X 1.7.0 on a MacBook Pro Sierra OSX connected via a USB cable to a ICOM-7300. I have set WSJT-X to use USB audio input and output and the ICOM-7300 to do the same. WSJT-X reliably controls the ICOM- RX/TX functions and alway receives audio, but after several tx cycles WSJT-X starts to output the tx audio through the analog. Win4IcomSuite for Icom Radios. The Ultimate Control Software for the IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-7600, IC-7850, IC-7851 and IC-705. Jan 19, 2018 I have an ICOM 7300 Amateur Radio Transceiver which has a USB port, for computer connection. Am currently running Windows 10 Operating System on an HP Desktop computer. I intend to use the USB cable for rig control using the Ham Radio Delux software, as well as digital modes, which all require a functional USB connection to a computer. A SET MODE item is added to make the USB SEND/USB Keying function active immediately after USB port connection. The Menu structure is changed accordingly. Refer to IC-7300 Firmware Update Information Ver.1.30 for more details. To update the firmware. Thoroughly read Section 8. USING AN SD CARD and Section 15.

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Download TypeUSB Driver
Model nameIC-7100/IC-7200/IC-7300/IC-7410/IC-7600/IC-7610/IC-7850/IC-7851/IC-9100/IC-9700/IC-R8600
VersionVersion 1.30
Major changes

Changes in this version
Windows 10 version 1803 (Jan 2019 update) is now supported.

  • The driver supports the following transceivers and receivers.

  • Thoroughly read the Installation Guide before installing orupdating the USB driver.
File Size7.67MB
File Typezip
Manualmanual download page

IC-705 Firmware / Software Support Icom Inc.

Regarding this Download Service.

When using this download service, the implementation, use and/or results of use are the sole responsibility of you using this download service and the equipment. You shall comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements in the use of this download service and in the operation of the equipment.

Firmware is important data for the basic system control of your equipment. An interruption during downloading or a malfunction may cause a failure in the data re-writing, and your equipment may stop functioning normally. If such a failure of the firmware re-writing results in your equipment not functioning normally, Icom Inc. and its affiliates expressly denies and is free from any and all responsibility arising from the result of damage from such an event.


You agree not to hold Icom Inc. and its affiliates responsible for any damage to your equipment operation or loss of data, or unauthorized use of the equipment, whether intentional or not, as a result of use this download service.

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