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Available driver types

The block-oriented simulation system BORIS enables the linkage to real processes via different kinds of hardware drivers. It has to be seperated between two types of hardware:

  • PC-internal cards which have direct access to the PC-bus. These cards are especially recommended for time critical problems.
  • External hardware modules which communicate with the PC via e. g. the serial RS232- or the parallel interface or USB or Ethernet. This group includes also SPS and bus driven modules.
  • Automation systems
  • Other drivers…

The SEA 9521 BiSS-C/SSI Interface Module Driver is free software for LabVIEW. In combination with the SEA 9521 C Series module, it enables the integration of up to three BiSS-C/SSI digital position encoders (sensors) into an NI CompactRIO system. Drivers Catalog ⇒ Port Devices ⇒ Infratec Datentechnik ⇒ Infratec Virtual Com Port (COM2) Drivers Installer for Infratec Virtual Com Port (COM2) If you don’t want to waste time on hunting after the needed driver for your PC, feel free to use a dedicated self-acting installer.

Wasco USB Communication Port COMx in your Windows® Device Man-ager. This is a CDC device (Communications Device Class), that is ad-dressed via a virtual COM port. The software access to this virtual COM port operates like a normal COM interface of default Windows ® drivers, and it is not necessary to install any additional drivers. Here you will find additional downloads for PosterJet. Downloads for version 8.75: PosterJet Client 8.75 PRO Windows; Downloads for version 8.7: PosterJet Client 8.7 PRO Mac. The driver software requires the SEA 4912 or SEA 4914 displays (separately available from S.E.A.) and is offered at no costs (free). The high-resolution color displays of the latest generation are perfectly-suited as display and control unit for decentralized control and embedded systems like CompactRIO or Single-Board RIO.

Please consider that all technical data listed below are based upon specifications given by the concerning distributors and are without liability. The list is updated permanently; so if your type of hardware is not yet included, just call us!

The prices for the drivers depend on the hardware as well as on the number of users. Drivers for modules marked by can be downloaded free of charge from the download area. Please refer to our price lists for current prices of all products!

Drivers for PC-internal cards / USB modules

Card / module typeDistributorAnalog
free digital
PCI 9118ADLINK1624400
AdvantechAdvantechall modules are completely supported
DAC6214 (PCA900)Amira624400
DAC98 (PCA902)Amira828802
RTI-800/815Analog Devices1628800
08-0-39Bitzer Digitaltechnik8204240
Schetter BMCBMC Messsystemeall modules which are supported by the BMCSAD interface
DT 98xx USB-MessmoduleDATA TRANSLATIONall modules are completely supportedt
8-Channel-DA-CardDecision Computer080000
PI-216Decision Computer1608803
PC 73CEagle Technology808800
ELV-ADA-8ELV (Selbstbau)880000
IED-ParaMioIED GmbH163161600
PCI-20098Intelligent Instr.16000162
PCI-20428W-xIntelligent Instr.1628801
200377W BoardIntelligent Instr.1608802
DAQ Board 2000IOTECH16200404
DAC 416Kolter Electronic040200
IA100Locamation B. V.1680000
ME-30Meilhaus Electronic16400241
ME-300Meilhaus Electronic16400240
ME-3000Meilhaus Electronic16400323
PC 30AMeilhaus Electronic16400240
ME-46xxMeilhaus Electronicall modules are completely supported
ME-PCard 24diMeilhaus Electronic804400
ME-PCard 24di/12diMeilhaus Electronic804400
ME-PCard 24/16diMeilhaus Electronic804400
PC-30DS4Meilhaus Electronic1640080
Wasco ADIODA-12 ExtendedMesscomp Datentechnik32400243
Wasco ADIODA-12 LAPMesscomp Datentechnik8100243
Wasco ADIODA-12 StandardMesscomp Datentechnik16200243
Wasco ADIODA-PCI12 LAPMesscomp Datentechnik8100243
Wasco ADIODA-12 Low CostMesscomp Datentechnik8000243
ADIODA-PCIF12/extendedMesscomp Datentechnik641161603
National InstrumentsNational Instrumentsalmost all modules are supported

On request we program drivers for other cards / modules!

Drivers for external modules

We offer ready-to-use drivers for the following hardware modules:

Module typeManufacturer / DistributorConnection
ADAM modulesAdvantechRS-232 / Ethernet
Arduino-BoardArduinoUSB / Ethernet
LabMap®-Softwarebuscbb-Software GmbH-
8-fach-Relaiskarte serialCONRAD ElectronicRS-232
EasyPortFesto Didactic GmbH & Co. KGCOM-Port / USB
ROBO InterfacefischertechnikRS-232 / USB
ROBO TX ControllerfischertechnikBluetooth / USB
ISM modulesGantnerRS-232
UDAS 1001-E SeriesIntelligent InstrumentationParallel
DAQ BOOK seriesIOtechParallel
LabJack U3LabJack CorporationUSB
LabJack U12LabJack CorporationUSB
CASSY- und COM3LAB-SystemLD Didactic GmbHUSB / RS-232
ProTrain, UniTrain, Universeller digital controllerLucas-Nülle GmbHUSB / RS-232
ME-RedLab seriesMeilhaus Electronic GmbHUSB
EXDUL/XMOD-USB modulesMesscomp Datentechnik GmbHUSB
Centurio-Feldbus modulesMKFCSEthernet
myDAQNational InstrumentsUSB
PMD seriesPlug-In Electronic GmbHRS-232
Bluetooth-I/O-Board MFC 4422-DC/EMReichelt ElektronikBluetooth
TinkerForge modulesTinkerForgeUSB
USB Interface Board K8055Velleman Components NVUSB
USB Interface Board K8061Velleman Components NVUSB
Raspberry PILAN / WLAN

Drivers for modules marked by can be downloaded free of charge from either the German or the English download area.

Drivers for automation systems and PLC

Module typeManufacturer / Distributor
TwinCATBeckhoff Automation GmbH
PLC S7Siemens
WAGO I/O-System 750WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Driver for CAN-Bus

For the CAN-Bus which is especially popular in the automotive industry a BORIS driver is available, at first for the large range of PC-CAN interfaces from the PEAK-System company in Darmstadt. The driver enables the comfortable signal configuration and the reading and writing of any signals. Our video (German) demonstrates the use of the driver in conjunction with the PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit from PEAK-System.

Drivers for CONRAD digital multimeters

For the digital multimeters MS 9160, 3850 M, 3860 M, 4660 M, GDM 704/705, ME-22, ME-32, ME-42, VC 635, VC 655, VC 350, 4660 A, VC 820 and VC 840 of the company CONRAD-Elektronik low priced BORIS-drivers are available which allow measurement data acquisition, visualization and processing without any programming. Up to four multimeters (depending on the number of COM-ports of the PC) can be operated simultaneously. Details of the multimeters you find on the website of CONRAD-Elektronik.


Nutzung von I/O-Modulen unter BORIS am Beispiel des Velleman K8055-USB-Boards (German)
Treiber für PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit von PEAK-Systems (German)
Treiber für 1-Wire-Temperatursensor DS1820 (German)

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Compliance Testing


The Intel 8051AH is a MCS-51 NMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller with 32 I/O lines, 2 Timers/Counters, 5 Interrupts/2 priority levels 4 KB ROM, 128 Bytes on-chip RAM.

[Chip Vendor] [Distributors]
Development Tools
Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Debugger
  • CA51 Compiler Kit
  • PK51 Professional Developer's Kit
  • JM-31 Development System
    J&M Microtek, Inc.
  • MCBx51
  • BRUTE52P
    Micromint, Inc.
  • R-51SD
    Rigel Corporation
  • RIC320
    Rigel Corporation
  • EVB8051
Data Sheets

8051 Instruction Set Manual
1,478,015 bytes

Data Sheet
172,348 bytes
  • REG51.H
    1,689 bytes
Example Code
  • Ultra-51
    Brendes Datentechnik GmbH
  • DS-51
  • MX51, AX51
  • MetaICE-XF 8051 In-Circuit Emulator
    Metalink Corporation
  • EMUL51-PC
    Nohau Corporation
  • PICE-52
  • USP-51
    Signum Systems
Real-Time OS
  • RTX51
  • RTX51 Tiny

The following on-chip peripherals are simulated by the Keil Software µVision Debugger.

AGSI Drivers

The following AGSI Drivers are available for the Keil Software µVision Simulator.

  • Proteus VSM
    Labcenter Electronics
  • 8051 State Machine
  • I²C Simulation
  • LCD Simulation (HD44780 Controller)
  • LED simulation
  • Signal Generator

The following AGDI Drivers are available for the Keil Software µVision Debugger.

  • Keil ISD51 Driver
  • Keil MON51/FlashMON Driver


Development Tools
Hardware & Collateral




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