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The most complete drivers compilation on the web. Created in 2000, has 1,344,436 drivers, BIOS, manuals and utilities, the biggest collection to be found on the internet. Original files: All drivers, manuals, BIOS, etc. Are those originially provided by the manufacturers. ITeX's ADSL technology, with proven driver and network protocol software, enables development of state-of-the-art CPE equipment. ITeX's ADSL technology is completely compatible with ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU G.dmt and G.lite, and has demonstrated comprehensive interoperability at the University of New Hamsphire's InterOperability Laboratory (UNH.

Tableau Desktop


Built on innovative technology that translates visual information into an optimized database query.

Tableau Desktop features:

Visual– enables dynamic filtering of data, trends distribution and detailed group analysis. Built-in best vanalysis isual practices, optimized color scheme and elegant design.


In-depth statistics – allows data mining by using new calculations of existing data. It is possible to create data forecast and analyze trends, use regression analysis and correlation with a single click.

Combining data from multiple sources.

Metadata Management.


Connection to data sources: Tableau Desktop enables direct connection to most data sources through predefined drivers. Some of them are: Excel, files, relation databases (MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL), DWH appliances, Big Data and cloud data sources.

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Answer the “why” and “where” and use interactive maps and graphs.

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