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USB connectivity drivers often reside in the very heart of operating system’s kernel. As such, they require unique development know how to yield quality and small footprint to ensure good system stability and user experience. With more than 100 Million successful product distributions to date, DriverCore delivers just that.

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DriverCore, Jungo’s assorted collection of USB PC connectivity drivers, is built on Jungo’s extensive experience and technology leadership in the embedded connectivity arena, and has been chosen by the world’s top chipset vendors and consumer electronics device makers.

For particular market segments, DriverCore is provided with special hardening and functionality that enable our customers to get more out of their products and emphasize their competitive advantages.

Target Products:
Drivers leadcore port devices gigabitLeadcore

Drivers Leadcore Port Devices Starboard

  • USB Modems
  • Smartphones
Drivers leadcore port devices starboardDrivers Leadcore Port Devices
  • Barcode scanners
  • Electronic Fund Transaction terminals
  • Military Wireless Communications devices

Drivers Leadcore Port Devices Lucie

  • Medical embedded devices

Complete implementation of all necessary USB Classes including:

  • CDC ACM (Modem)
  • OBEX
  • CDC ACM (COM Port) – USB2Serial
  • RmNet (QMI)


  • Complete implementation of all necessary USB Classes including: CDC ACM (Modem), OBEX, CDC ACM (COM Port),CDC ECM, CDC NCM , RmNet (QMI)
  • Full support for all popular PC and Embedded Host operating systems including: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Server 2012/2016/2019, Mac OSX 10.5/6/7/8/8.1, Linux, Windows CE 5/6/7. Windows IoT.
  • Reference implementations to support Windows NDIS 6.2 and NDIS 6.3 miniport functionality
  • Unique functionality of CDC ACM COM Port support for Point of Sale devices.
  • User mode IOCTL APIs for direct application-to-device interface
  • Special support implementation for various power management stages including selective suspend/resume
  • Advanced debugging mechanisms
  • Rich configuration options via driver information and config files
  • Full API documentation

Drivers Leadcore Port Devices Adapter

  • Jungo’s USB connectivity solutions are highly configurable and modular, allowing product development with extensive code reuse and flexibility
  • Having Jungo’s solutions for PC USB connectivity fully cover implementations for all major requirements and being compatible with Microsoft’s HCK certification ,enables our customers project managers to rely on short integration periods when engaging new projects
  • Between 50 Mobile Network operator successful certifications and 100 million products successfully shipped with DriverCore, our customers enjoy the maturity and robustness they need
  • Hybrid business models for various commercial distribution requirements to match each customers business bandwidth
  • All DriverCore customers enjoy a flexible Support Level Agreements (SLA) to match the intensity of their usage level

DriverCore PC Driver Stack Architecture

DriverCore Windows CE Host Driver Stack Architecture

Drivers Leadcore Port Devices Gigabit

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