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Windows device driver information for Madge Presto PCI Plus

Download device drivers for Madge Presto PCI 2000 Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Windows 95 and 98. Download Madge Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode Mk3 for Windows to net driver. Driver’s Edge is a free half-day program for drivers ages 21 and younger (with a valid license or permit) that teaches real life emergency avoidance and response techniques and overall driver safety. Edge was developed to address the unacceptably high number of youth related automobile collisions and fatalities that occur each year.

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This particular hardware component is used to support the deployment of a Token Ring connection within a network environment. In computing a Token Ring is a type of Local Area Connection wherein every network client is arranged in a star or ring topology. The device driver for the Madge Presto PCI Plus helps to implement a token passing routine which is the main protocol used by the network to avoid the possibility of data exchanges colliding with each other. This means that any two network workstations gain the functionality of simultaneously transmitting data between themselves with minimal loss. This type of Local Area Network topology is considered by many computer experts as possibly the second most implemented behind the Ethernet network structure. Since the device driver of the Madge Presto PCI Plus supports this type of infrastructure it also adheres to the IEEE 802.5 specifications which allows the transmission of data at the rate of 4 or 16 megabits per second within the network structure.