Drivers MAN

Drivers MAN

The State of Connecticut Driver's Manuals

One-person operation (OPO), also known as driver-only operation (DOO), one-man operation (OMO), single person train operation (SPTO), or one-person train operation (OPTO), similarly to Driver Controlled Operation, is operation of a train, bus, or tram by the engineer or motorman alone, without a conductor. The tables quickly turned for an 89-year-old pizza delivery driver who received a surprise delivery of his own from 'regulars' on his route - a $12,000 tip. Our highest-MOI driver ever, largely due to a 26-gram tungsten movable weight that shifts the CG and can be secured in three settings. G425 LST Driver Pear-shaped, 445cc head delivers significant spin reductions to give faster-swing-speed players a flatter, low-launching trajectory. G425 SFT Driver.

The DMV provides driver's manuals with all the graphics and illustrationsfeatured in the print edition. These versions are in portable document formats(pdf) and must be viewed and printed through Adobe Acrobat. The software isavailable free from Adobe. To get a free copy of the software, click 'Get Acrobat.'

  • Commercial Driver's Manual (CDL) - This includes Hazardous Materials section.
  • Parents' Training Guide - How to Help Their Teens Become Safe Drivers

Driver's Manual

Drivers Manual Ct

  • English version (PDF) (Revised 12/19) Audio Version (This audio version does not reflect recent updates.)
  • Spanish version(PDF) (Revised 12/19) Audio Version (This audio version does not reflect recent updates.)

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Manual

(Includes Hazardous Materials section)

**The Connecticut DMVrevised the CDL Knowledge and Skills teststo comply with federal regulations.

  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Manual (PDF) (Rev. 03/20)

Motorcycle Operator's Manual

Drivers Manual Mn

  • Motorcycle Operator's Manual (Revised 1/11) (PDF)

Drivers Manual Pa

Parents' Training Guide: How to Help Their Teens Become Safe Drivers

Drivers Manual 2021

  • Parents' Training Guide: How Parents Can Help Their Teens Become Safe Drivers (Revised 7/11)(PDF)