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Maretron's products are designed to the open industry NMEA 2000® standard. Along with vessel-wide information sharing, NMEA 2000® features reduced wiring complexity via a single trunk cable, and more than 20 times the bandwidth of previous technology. Our NMEA 2000® network also seamlessly integrates a wide array of instrumentation electronics including:

  • Desktop or laptop computer-based navigational software.
  • GPS receivers, electronic compasses, and other navigational devices.
  • Depth, speed, and wind transducers.

THREE: IDENTIFY COM PORT USED BY THE USB DEVICE Once the device and driver are installed, confirm which COM port is being used by the USB device. You must know which COM port is being used in order to correctly set up applications that interact with the USB device. Use the following steps to identify the COM port. Display NMEA 2000 messages transmitted by each device in an easy-to-understand, human-readable format. Modify Installation Description information on devices which support user-programming of this information. Configure/Calibrate Maretron devices and select devices from other manufacturers. Update firmware on supported Maretron NMEA.

Congratulations on your purchase of the Maretron J1939 to NMEA 2000® Gateway (J2K100). Maretron has designed and built your gateway to the highest standards for years of dependable and accurate service. Maretron’s J2K100 is a gateway for bridging J1939-equipped engines and gensets with an NMEA 2000® network. The gateway automatically. The maximum cable distance from any device on a branching drop line to the trunk line is 6 meters (20 feet). 1.5 Maximum Number of Devices A maximum of 50 physical devices shall be connected to the network, and the disconnection of any device shall not interrupt any other device on the network. 1.6 NMEA 2000® Cable.

Maretron® offers a complete line of NMEA 2000® cable and connectors. The cable includes both power and network signals for reliable, waterproof interconnectivity of all your networked electronics. Maretron is leading the way by being the first company to offer NMEA 2000® approved cable and connectors.

Superior Engineering
Maretron's corporate philosophy is driven by engineers who understand the need for world-class standards in designing high-performance navigational products. Maretron tests and certifies all products to the IEC 60945 standard for Maritime Navigational and Radiocommunication Equipment and Systems. Our commitment to superior engineering and maximum accuracy means continuous reliability for all Maretron products.

Built for Years of Reliability
Maretron's products are engineered to withstand the harshest marine conditions. We carefully protect all of our electronics - even below-deck equipment - in watertight housings to ensure years of reliable performance. Superior engineering, maximum accuracy, consistent reliability: three reasons why Maretron's products are among the best worldwide.

OnlineDrivers Maretron Llp Port Devices

Visit our website at for the latest news on our expanding family of maritime electronic products.


Your FaroArm®, ScanArm, Design ScanArm, or Gageworks best with the latest driver. This article shows you how to download the latest or earlier drivers.

After servicing or recalibration of your device, plan to download and install the latest driver BEFORE you use the device. The factory provides the most recent hardware improvements when servicing your device, so using the latest driver may be required.


CAUTION: If you use software or hardware from a third-party vendor who makes FARO compatible products, verify the product is compatible with the latest USB FaroArm driver BEFORE you change the driver.

Drivers Maretron Llp Port Devices Download

  • If you are using the vendor recommended driver, do not change it.
  • If you are not using the recommended driver and the vendor's product is not compatible with the latest USB FaroArm driver, see the earlier drivers list in this article to find the driver the vendor recommends.


  1. Download the latest FaroArm driver:

    Version: 6.6.7

    Release Date: Dec 2020

    Alternate Download Link (Full Version)
  2. Download the What's New file to learn what has changed in the latest version.
  3. Go to Upgrade the FaroArm USB driver installation instructions.

Earlier Drivers

Click here for details about which versions of Microsoft Windows supports different driver versions and computer processors.

Aug 20206.6.0.1564- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Jan 20206.5.1.464- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Aug 20196.4.1.264- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Feb 20196.3.1.564- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Nov 20186.3.0.1164- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Oct 20186.2.1.964- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Aug 20186.2.0.2664- & 32-bit
Offline edition
May 20186.1.2.764- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Mar 20186.1.1.664- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Feb 20186.1.0.2164- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Nov 20176.0.2.364- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Oct 20176.0.1.964- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Aug 20176.0.0.6364- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Nov 20165.8.5.264- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Mar 20165.8.4.564- & 32-bit
Offline edition
Feb 20155.8.3.264- & 32-bit
Dec 20145.8.2.264- & 32-bit
Sep 20145.8.1.364- & 32 bit
Drivers maretron llp port devices connected

For older drivers not listed above, contact Customer Support.

Hardware Support Notes:

Drivers Maretron Llp Port Devices Replacement


The latest driver version is compatible with all USB FaroArm and ScanArm models. Model specific, minimum required versions are listed below.

Model/DeviceOperating SystemMinimum Required Driver
  • 8-Axis support for Quantum Series and Edge*
Windows 7 or greater6.3.0.11
  • Design ScanArm 2.5C
  • Quantum Series with Prizm LLP
Windows 7 or greater6.2.0.26
  • Quantum Series FaroArm
  • Quantum Series and Edge with HD/SD Blu LLP
Windows 7 or greater6.0.0.63
  • Legacy USB FaroArm/ScanArm
Windows 7 or greater5.8.5.2
  • Legacy USB FaroArm/ScanArm
Windows XP5.8.4.5

Drivers Maretron Llp Port Devices Replicator

*8-Axis support for the Edge requires an authorized firmware upgrade, contact your local sales representative for details

Drivers Maretron Llp Port Devices Inc

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