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1. ICARVISIONS warrants that all Products supplied hereunder shall comply with the industry standards in the People's Republic of China and shall be of merchandisable quality (i.e. fit to do the purpose for which it was supplied) for a period of 15 months from date of first purchase of MDVR, and for a period of 12 months from date of first purchase of other products such as cameras, external sensors etc.

These two key technologies are well adapted to develop infrared driver vision enhancement (DVE) system for commercial application. A European project named ICAR has been setting up to exploit these advantages. An overview of the project will be given. Driver monitoring system plays a very critical role in the monitoring of daily driving behaviour of drivers. We can screen out excellent drivers from the numerous DSM alarm data reports and improve efficient fleet management. Face recognition can distinguish whether the driver is an authorized driver and upload to the central office. ICAR is well served by various bus routes which are available in the centre of Houghton-le-Spring. The closest bus station is at Brinkburn Crescent. For more information, please check public transport information with Traveline (0870 608 2608) for up-to-date advice on all bus, train and metro services in the area.

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2. In the event of any breach of ICARVISIONS warranty set out in Clause 1, whether by reason of defective materials, production faults or otherwise, ICARVISIONS's liability shall be limited to:

Damage Analysis of Lighting and Vision Assist. Damage Analysis of Restraint Systems. Post Repair Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

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2.1 Replacement of the Products in question and/or

2.2 at the ICARVISIONS's option, when a quality problem which falls under ICARVISIONS's responsibility in Product manufacture, the repair of the defective Products and shipping fees from ICARVISIONS to the original BUYER, however, this warranty will not apply to any faulty Product proven to be damaged by shipping, improper use, storage, disassembly, maintenance or force majeure of BUYER / USER.

Generally speaking,

When the direct BUYER finds faulty units, ICAR will help to check the problems for other solution; If no other solution but only have to ship back to China, the direct BUYER would cover the shipping fees from their side to ICAR Shenzhen office.

ICAR will diagnose the faulty reason after receiving the faulty units, and come out with a result and repair solution suggested to the direct BUYER.

If the faulty units falls under ICAR's quality responsibility, ICAR will repair / replace and cover the shipping fees from ICAR to the direct BUYER.


If the faulty units falls under BUYER / USER's responsibility, the direct BUYER will cover necessary repair / replacement fees and the shipping fees back to their side.

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