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IEC 61800-2:2015 applies to adjustable speed electric a.c. Power drive systems, which include semiconductor power conversion and the means for their control, protection, monitoring, measurement and the a.c. IEC 870-5-101 & 104: Driver Code: I87: Device Mfr: none: Last Update: 08/13/07 11:24:58 PM. Version: Platform Version Type Media Available Inventory ID; 2003 Serv. Standard 60929 Annex E requires the ballast (driver) to limit the current draw to 2.0 mA maximum. This means that a control with a 50mA capacity can operate 25 ballasts (drivers) if they have a specified current of 2.0mA. For more information and to purchase the IEC standard, visit the IEC website at ISO/IEC 18013-1:2018 Information technology — Personal identification — ISO-compliant driving licence — Part 1: Physical characteristics and basic data set.

IEC Driver
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    Cards and security devices for personal identification
  • ICS :
    Identification cards. Chip cards. Biometrics
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