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Oklahoma's Largest Health Network: Whitney Driver, M.D. 'I chose to practice at Lakeside because they are committed to a lifetime of good health for women. The Integris Difference A Background in Process Improvement and a Focus on Tangible Business Outcomes Because we have an extensive background in process improvement and Lean Six Sigma, we look at employee engagement and organizational health through the lens of business and process improvement.

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Since payment rates for hospital care provided to insured patients are either negotiated with health plans, set by the federal government for Medicare, or set by state governments for Medicaid enrollees, the payments hospitals receive for patient care do not necessarily reflect the prices reflected in the chargemaster or the hospital’s average DRG charge. Further, uninsured patients are not generally expected to pay the hospital’s standard charges as reflected in the chargemaster and may be eligible for financial assistance. You can find more information about financial assistance here.

If you have private insurance and are interested in understanding what your “out-of-pocket” costs may be for care you receive at the hospital, we encourage you to contact your health insurance company because it is in the best position to help you understand your healthcare financial obligations. For patients with Medicare or Medicaid, or patients without insurance, you may contact the hospital’s patient financial services department for estimates or additional information at 405-713-4500 or toll free at 877-313-4500 to request an individualized estimate. If you have already scheduled a procedure or service at an INTEGRIS Health hospital, please have your upcoming date of service readily available. Please understand that the information provided will be an estimate based on the information available before services are rendered and is not a guarantee. In some cases, additional services may be needed.

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Rejuvenate your liver with a blend of natural foods that will assist your liver to cleanse and detoxify itself. This product is so potent that it will often eliminate hangovers by helping the liver to process alcohol so fast that ‘no headache’. Continue to use this product and your liver will help you to detoxify the body thus live longer.