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Welcome to ePad Support. Download software solutions for use with your ePadLink signature pad, or find support and help guides. Maybe the the way the PC's USB3 chipset or the windows USB driver handles USB2 devices makes a difference. My USB3 is an add-in card, and it doesn't work at all - unrecognized device. In any case, there's nothing to be gained by connecting a USB2 device to a USB3 controller unless the connector is in a more convenient location. Improvements and fixes. This update includes a fix for an incorrect device driver (“Microsoft – WPD – 2/22/2016 12:00:00 AM - 5.2.5326.4762”) that was released by a third-party on March 8, 2017 that affected a small group of users with USB connected phones or other media devices that rely on Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). Available Product Content Brochures & Data Sheets 2019 SMK-Link Product Brochure (13.6Mb) RemotePoint Navigator (vp4150) RemotePoint Emerald Navigator SE (vp4155) RemotePoint Global Presenter (vp4350) RemotePoint Ruby Pro Presenter (vp4592) RemotePoint Air Point Presenter (vp4594) RemotePoint Jade Presenter (vp4910. Devices connected to vehicle's hotspot use data from your plan. Once a device connects, it will automatically reconnect and use data from your plan unless hotspot is removed from returning device settings or hotspot password is changed. Performance varies based on number of devices connected and other factors.


When using the RealFlight USB Interlink Controller, youreceive an error message that says the USB Interlink Controller is notconnected.

Examples Of Usb Devices


Interlink Usb Devices Driver Updater


When using the RealFlight USB Interlink Controller, you receive an errormessage that says KEerror 3994 I-Controller does not appear in the ControlPanel.


Interlink USB Devices Driver

What Is A Usb Devices

  1. Make sure you have all the latest updates for yourversion of Windows. This is especially important if you have Windows 98First Edition since full support for USB did not become available untilWindows 98 Second Edition. You can access the Windows Update featurefrom your Start menu while you are connected to the Internet. Forspecific assistance with this feature please contact your computermanufacturer or Microsoft.
  2. Make sure you have all the latest updates for RealFlight itself. You can access the latest update for RealFlight byfirst making sure that RealFlight itself is not running, and thencalling up the RealFlight Control Panel, making sure you are connected tothe Internet through your ISP. On the RealFlight Control Panel, click onthe Online Updates button. From the Online Updating dialog box, you willfirst need to register your copy of RealFlight before you update to thelatest version. The product update is only available to registeredowners of RealFlight.
  3. If you are using the USB Interlink Controller throughany kind of an external USB hub, make sure the hub has a power supply asthe USB Interlink Controller will not work otherwise.
  4. If you had the USB Interlink Controller plugged intoyour system before you installed RealFlight, then please trydisconnecting the USB Interlink Controller and any other USB device fromyour PC and restart your system. Once Windows is completely rebooted,try plugging your USB Interlink Controller back into a USB port, makingsure you plug the USB connection firmly into the USB port.
  5. If Step 4 did not provide you with a successfulsolution, then please try uninstalling and re-installing RealFlight,making sure you DO NOT connect the USB Interlink Controller to your PCuntil the software prompts you to do so (a message will appear on yourscreen when the software is ready for you to plug the USB InterlinkController into a USB port). If you are using Norton Antivirus, NortonUtilities, Norton System Works, or any other virus scan or systemprotection/monitoring utility, please make sure that all those utilitiesare completely disabled when you install, update, or run RealFlight asthose kinds of utilities can cause conflicts with other programs whenthey are attempting to install, update, and/or run successfully.
  6. If you are still getting an error message that saysthe USB Interlink Controller is not connected or KEerror 3994I-Controller does not appear in the Control Panel, then please close outof any open windows and dialog boxes that may be open at this time. Makesure the USB Interlink Controller is the only USB device connected toyour PC at this time. IMPORTANT: make sure you have your Windowsinstallation/recovery disk there with you in case Windows needs toinstall components for itself from the Windows disk during the followingprocess.
  7. Go to your Start menu and select Settings then ControlPanel.
  8. From the Windows Control Panel, select the Add New Hardware option.
  9. From the Add New Hardware Wizard, Click Next to continue.
  10. Click Next to allow the Add New Hardware Wizard to search for all new Plug and Play devices on your PC.
  11. Windows is now searching for all Plug and Play devices on your PC. This process should take several seconds, so please allowWindows to complete this process.
  12. Once Windows has detected all the available Plug and Play devices, you will need to tell Windows you are going to select the hardware from a list by selecting that option from the window shown below. Once you have made that selection, click Next to continue.
  13. From the Add New Hardware Wizard dialog box that asks you to select the type of hardware you want to install, select HumanInterface Devices and click Next to continue.
  14. Once Windows assembles the driver information database, the Add New Hardware Wizard will ask you to select themanufacturer and model of the hardware you are adding. Make sure you have (Standard Device) selected for Manufacturers: and USB Human Interface Devices selected for Models: as shown and click Next to continue.
  15. You should next get the dialog box shown below. Click Next to install the software necessary to support the new device. IfWindows asks you for the Windows disk, insert the Windows disk and allow Windows to install any components it needs at this time.
  16. The Add new Hardware Wizard should have finished installing the software necessary to support the new hardware device.Click Finish to complete the process.
  17. Try running RealFlight again and see if the USBInterlink Controller is now functioning correctly. If you are stillgetting an error message related to the I-Controller not being connectedor not appearing in the Control Panel, then please try contactingRealFlight Software Support for assistance.