Kontron Embedded Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

Kontron embedded computers GmbH Kontron is a global leader in embedded computing technology (ECT). As a part of technology group S&T, Kontron offers a combined portfolio of secure hardware, middleware and services for Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 applications.With its.

Kontron products 'Powered by SEC-Line' feature:

Kontron embedded laptops & desktops driver downloadsKontron Embedded Laptops & Desktops Driver downloadKontron embedded laptops & desktops driver downloads

Industrial Computers Inc. Is a leading provider of customizable, rugged fanless Embedded Computers,1U / 2U / 3U / 4U Rackmount Computers, Touchscreen Displays and all-in-one Panel PCs. Superlogics, BSI Computer, Trenton Systems, Spartonre, Kontron, and Advantech. Boxed computers to meet industrys toughest demands. Also digital signage players. Din-rail systems and embedded for transportation industry.

Kontron Embedded Laptops & Desktops Driver DownloadKontron Embedded Laptops & Desktops Driver download

Kontron Embedded Laptops & Desktops Driver Downloads

  • Kontron's diverse product portfolio includes: boards and mezzanines, Computer-on-Modules, HMIs and displays, systems, and custom capabilities. Kontron is a Premier member of the Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance. For half-a-decade now, Kontron has been named a VDC Platinum Embedded Board Vendor.
  • Embedded computers for Legacy applications often come with old versions of OS and libraries. The virtualisation layer of Kontron firmware is used to protect and deploy them unmodified with their initial OS. The security comes from the hardware root of trust protected firmware which runs them in virtual machines augmented with modern firewall.

Kontron Embedded Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

  • Hardware Root Of Trust: all passwords, encryption keys and certificates within TPM
    • TPM-based Secure Boot preventing device refactoring
    • Measured boot using TPM hashing mechanism allowing Remote attestation
    • AppProtect technology for software licensing
  • Complete router/firewall based on OpenWrt
    • Control of device networking (wired, wireless, LTE, VPN)
    • Remote management of configations via OpCenter
    • Health monitoring engine, HIDS, etc.
  • Centralised management of all system settings
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