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Artisan Technology Group ® 101 Mercury Drive. Champaign, IL 61822. Regular Hours: Mon - Fri 8AM-5PM Central Time. Summary The Elex and HD58X sound more similar than different, but for my own use, I prefer the HD58X, price no object. The slightly warm but mostly neutral sound signature works well on pretty much all of the music to which I listen and I can enjoy it at low volumes. It’s also far more comfortable for me to wear than the Elex. It loses to the Elex on technicalities like speed and detail.

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Up-time is money and if the press isn't running like it should be, your customers aren't happy and your company isn't making money. You can't afford to be without the best QC technology available. Find out how our instruments and software can help keep your presses running smooth as silk.

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Cons: 1) Stock sound lacks any impact at all. It's like a cloud. A beautiful and detailed one, but still. 2) Logo actually sits differently (1mm difference) on left and right earpieces, build quality feels cheap compared to DM6's. Microdynamics is a term referring to a number of loosely related phenomena, all of which take place below the microscale threshold. In this paper, the term refers to the effects of friction in joints from a purely mechanical source. The new dynamic driver which handles the low end seems like a large improvement over the previous dynamic driver found on all the previous Thieaudio IEMs. This new one has better microdynamics allowing for better punch and resolution, and does not fall behind the quality of the BA drivers as much in that department.

Anilox, gravure, flexo...we handle it all with the 3DQC roll inspection microscope and the blazing fast LaserQC roll scanner.

Microdynamics Instrumentation Driver Manual

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Precise measurements generate critical data. Scan. Process. Report. Our MicroScan software also helps you manage your roll inventory to keep you up and running without missing a beat.

Our customers are committed to quality. We are proud that our instruments help them to produce the best products.

Microdynamics Group provides integrated transactional communications solutions through a state-of-the-art processing environment. We offer comprehensive and flexible electronic billing and invoice/statement services, document printing and mailing and a suite of forward-thinking marketing solutions.

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When we receive your data file, we get to work immediately ensuring its integrity and preparing your mailing or electronic deployment. Our client services team is committed to getting your transactional communications out the door on time, every time.

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Envelopes, badges, and even biometrics get scanned before entering or leaving our facilities. Our facilities and data management practices stay ahead of industry standards to protect your customers’ sensitive information.

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Microdynamics Instrumentation Driver Download

When you trust us to send financial and confidential communications to your customers, 99.9% success isn’t good enough. We track everything possible to make sure documents are sent to the right parties with the right information, and so you can see when each individual piece arrives.