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If these prompts do not come up, please try an alternative USB port on your computer until you hear the Windows “chime”. For a Mac see: How do I update the firmware on a Mac, below. Try doing a 3 button reset on the LifeLine while it’s connected. (hold down all 3 buttons for 3 seconds). Nautilus LifeLine Radio puts safety into the hands of everyone in, or on the water. Nautilus LifeLine Radio is depth rated to 425 feet (cap closed) and is a very simple, but incredibly clever way to call or send a distress message to boats around you up to a demonstrated range of 34 miles. The Nautilus LifeLine Radio works everywhere in the world. The Nautilus Lifeline includes a quick start guide. Data and charging cable, D-ring clip, full manual and software(via download) A pocket pouch is available separately. Chat(Green) Button- Pressing the Chat Button on the Nautilus Lifeline will allow you to communicate via voice between your Lifeline and your boat. Lifeline display does not. Windows tries to automatically install the USB Mass Storage driver and then says it failed to install. The existing desktop SW now no longer sees the lifeline. Nothing happens when I hold down the three buttons for 3 seconds for a hard reset. Lifeline responded on with the following.

Nautilus LifeLine GPS Manual

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Please read the Nautilus GPS manual thoroughly before use.

Nautilus GPS Mobile Programming App

Install the Nautilus GPS app to change regional settings and program an MMSI number.

Quick Start Guide to Activate Help

1. Open the dive cap by releasing the latch.

2. Press the blue button firmly until it clicks to power on the Nautilus GPS. It will now begin to search for a GPS lock.*

3. Remove the antenna retainer and unfurl the antenna.**

4. Hold the red button for 5 seconds to begin distress transmission.

*Two CR123 3V lithium batteries must be installed to operate the Nautilus GPS.
**Be cautious when removing antenna retainer. The antenna may spring out rapidly.

Nautilus GPS App Privacy Policy

This Application requires access to the CAMERA on your mobile phone in order to operate the Camera Flash to communicate to the Nautilus GPS device.

The Nautilus GPS app requires your device serial number to allow programming of the device. This information is not retained or transferred anywhere. It is strictly used to allow device programming. No personal data is otherwise collected, used, retained, or transferred anywhere from your mobile device.

If this application crashes your mobile phone may send diagnostic information including your device type and software version to the Google Play store. This information will only be used to determine the nature of the software issue(s) to fix or repair software bugs.

Thank you for using the Nautilus GPS app and your Nautilus GPS.

Practice Safe Diving!
The Nautilus GPS team

Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information.

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