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CapeSoft FAQ for Clarion.Net

This FAQ will hopefully answer some of your Clarion# questions, especially as they relate to your use of CapeSoft accessories.

A more general Clarion# FAQ can be found here at ClarionMag. It's a 'free' article so you can read if even if you don't have a subscription.

Please note: This page contains information of a forward-looking nature. This requires a certain amount of speculation. Not all the items mentioned below are under our control, and not all details are yet known. This information is provided on the understanding that things can, and probably will, change.


  • Product Specific Questions

General Questions

Question 1: Why should I switch to using Clarion#, rather than plain Clarion (such as Clarion 6)?

Answer: You shouldn't be switching. You should be using both.

What you should be doing, or at least thinking of doing, is expanding your programming horizons to include the .Net framework. As you probably know Clarion lets you use the Win32 API, and all your programs use this all the time (even if you're not aware of it.) In the same way Clarion# lets you use the .Net API. Using Clarion# won't replace Clarion 7, well not as long as there's a demand for Win32 based programs. Using Clarion# is adding to what you already have.

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Which is better Win32 or .Net? Like most programming questions (TPS or SQL? Legacy or ABC?) there's no hard and fast answer to which one is better. Both have advantages, and disadvantages. No doubt in time you will come to have your favorite that suits your programming goals, and which serves you best. Just like there are cases where TPS wins over SQL, and other cases where SQL is the obvious choice, Win32 and .Net will both offer solutions which will be appropriate at certain times.

No, .Net is not suddenly going to make you a better programmer. No, it's not going to suddenly write all your code for you. But it does offer you possibilities that are not easily available in Win32. At the very least, if you make your living programming, then you should consider this an essential step forward in your programming arsenal.

DriverQuestion 2: Are you going to port the accessories to .Net?

Answer: Yes, it is our intention to port as many of the accessories as possible to Clarion#. Some should port fairly easily - some will require more effort (usually under the skin) - and some may not be portable at all.

Question 3: Will the updates be free.

Answer: Almost certainly not. Unless the port is trivial we will almost certainly need to charge an upgrade fee for the .Net versions. Even where external functionality remains unchanged, there may be considerable work to do to the internals.

Remember the whole goal of the initial porting will be to provide you with the same interface to your program that you are currently used to. The RS/232 Port functionality in WinEvent is a good example of this. The 16 bit version of WinEvent supported some easy functions for doing serial port communications. When programs switched to using 32 bit the WinEvent interface remained 100% the same. Internally it changed from using the 16bit Windows Comms API to the 32 bit windows Comms API. These 2 are completely different in almost every way, but to the Clarion programmer, nothing changed. This is the same goal we have with the .Net port. We want your experience to be as similar as possible to what it is now.

Question 4: When will (your favorite CapeSoft accessory) be available for .Net?

Answer: We don't know. Just like you we've only very recently had access to Clarion#, so it will take a bit of time to come up to speed. Some products might port easier than others. We'll keep you posted as things progress.

Product Specific Questions

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Question 1: I believe here is lots of networking functionality built into .Net. How will this affect NetTalk?Download

Answer: There is also networking functionality built into Win32, it's just harder to use. This is a good example of where the .Net framework is a lot easier than Win32.

However the main value in NetTalk is not in the low-level communications. The main value is in the classes built on top of that, and of course especially in the templates themselves. The internals of NetTalk will undergo some radical changes, but externally there is still a lot that NetTalk can do that can't (easily) be done with plain .Net. By the same token .Net offers possibilities for new functionality not currently available with Win32.

Currently we see NetTalk as being as popular, and valuable under .Net as it is under Win32, if not even more popular.

Question 2: How does the support for ASP.Net affect the goals of writing web servers using NetTalk.

Answer: As this point this is hard to answer specifically, simply because Clarion.Net is in beta, and also because the Clarion# version of NetTalk hasn't been completed. In concept though the goals of the NetTalk web server remain;

  • Write the web server completely using Clarion language skills, without requiring another language.
  • Be able to reuse some existing code, especially source code and reports.
  • Have templates to easily create additional procedures, especially browses and forms.
  • Provide for easy deployment, with no dependencies on external programs like IIS.
  • Access to all existing data sources (including TPS and SQL) that Clarion provides drivers for.
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Clearly some of these goals are likely to be met using Clarion# and ASP.Net. We won't know exactly how many of these goals are achieved until Clarion.Net goes gold.

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