Toronto: Breaking Glass Buys ‘Unhung Hero’; Film Movement Acquires ‘Le Démantèlement’

Patrick Moote very publicly proposes to his girlfriend — while being shown on the jumbotron screen at a UCLA basketball game — and she refuses his proposal. A video clip of the failed proposal ends up on YouTube and gets millions of views. She later says that one reason for rejecting his proposal is because his penis is too small. Moote then travels the world to find out if size really matters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on

Review: A Personal Shortcoming Leads to a Movie Long on Comedy in Brian Spitz’s “Unhung Hero”

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When Patrick Moote’s girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal at a basketball game, it goes viral and hits TV networks worldwide. Days after the.

There was a time a documentary was like a pirate movie — nobody made them. So travelling the world to find out whether it really matters that you have a small penis seems like a walk in the park. Ultimately, it is not good for your self-confidence to be constantly obsessing over the size of your sub-standard penis. Penis extenders represent a viable solution to this debilitating problem.

You can get them here if you wish to do so. The film opens with a YouTube clip of a UCLA basketball game, where the ground cameras captured a young man proposing to his girlfriend… and her running away crying. He goes on an odyssey from friends to doctors and spiritualists across town and across the world to find out if size really does matter and whether he can do anything about his. He talks to a manufacturer and importer of penis pumps and penis stretchers , friends and family, the attendees and performers at a porn convention, his family doctor and more.

It culminates in him considering being injected by some yellow potion in a dingy hotel room in Asia, having weights dangling from his crown jewels and contemplating plastic surgery which he sees in progress and runs to the nearest sink to vomit. There comes a point where you wonder whether Moote had the idea for the documentary whatever his own admitted shortcomings and just pinned the angle on himself to make it relatable. But when the sex shop girl from an earlier scene shows up in his life again and he talks to his mother about how depressed he is with it all, wanting to throw in the towel on the film, it all starts to feel a bit constructed.

We might have been had all along — even the basketball stadium rejection the beginning of some huge piece of performance art. Connect with us. DVD : This was a promo copy, so there were no extras on the disc.

Patrick Moote – Unhung Hero (DVD)

Sign In. UnHung Hero Hide Spoilers. There’s something so icky about Patrick Moote and his false-feeling and false-sounding voyage of pseudo-discovery that it’s hard not to be merely insulting about this documentary.

Information page about ‘Unhung Hero’ (starring Patrick Moote) on American Netflix:: from MaFt’s NewOnNetflixUSA. Details include the date it was added to Netflix in the USA, any known expiry dates and new Still want to watch it?

Brian Spitz’s documentary amusingly details one man’s quest to find out if size really matters. By Dennis Harvey. It has a good shot at parlaying favorable reviews and other press attention into additional theatrical dates. A droopy-lidded, emo-looking Gen-Y actor and standup talent, Moote endured a less-than-desirable moment of fame a while back when he proposed to his girlfriend otherwise never seen or heard from here at a UCLA basketball game.

Her decline was projected to all on the Jumbotron in a scene that became an embarrassing viral hit, much discussed by the usual talkshow pundits. Apparently the soon-to-be-ex-g. Now on a regime of exercises and pills, Moote is alarmed when sexologist Carol Queen informs him that far from doing him good, such quackery might actually cause permanent physical harm.

Still determined to somehow improve upon nature, Moote travels to Southeast Asia, where the consumption of relevant animal parts, extreme martial arts, scary oil injections and plain old plastic surgery are among the variably credible solutions on offer. Assembly is sharp and resourceful throughout.

Info Page: Unhung Hero

Patrick Moote is an American actor , screenwriter , and documentarian. Moote is perhaps best known for his documentary UnHung Hero , in which he explores the topic of penis size and enlargement techniques around the world as a result of his own challenging experiences. Moote was hailed as an “affable hero” in the film, which was called “a lighthearted romp with laughs” by The Huffington Post and “laugh-out-loud funny” by the Los Angeles Times , also garnering praise from Michael Moore.

But to this day we have Michael Moore to thank for the popularity they’re still It (​apparently) went viral, and ”Unhung Hero” is the story of what the young man actor Patrick Moote – did next after his girlfriend supposedly turned him down.

By The Deadline Team. The film, which premiered at SXSW in March, follows a man whose girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal, which was shown live on the big screen at a UCLA basketball game. Days later Patrick Moote finds out the woman turned him down because he has a small penis. Director Brian Spitz then follows Moote on a journey to find out whether size really does matter. Thomas Brettschneider and Lynn Shmitz produced the film. It tells the story of Gaby, a farmer rearing beautiful lambs on his family property.

His daughters, raised like princesses, live far away in the big city.

Unhung Hero

I can’t imagine too many things more embarrassing than proposing to your girlfriend in a room full of people even worse, an arena full only to have her stare back at you bewilderedly and then run away from you. Your dejected face is in extreme close up mode on the Jumbotron this did happen in an arena full of people and all you can do is run after her in shame.

That’s the stuff we wake up from in a cold sweat and think, no need to rush things. Fine, it can’t get any worse, right? That’s when the soon to be ex-girlfriend said one of the reasons she could never marry Patrick was because his penis was too small. Believe me, there’s nothing more painful for a guy than taking a hit square in the nuts, unless it’s being told that your junk is too small.

Patrick Moote’s marriage proposal was rejected in front of a large crowd at a UCLA basketball game. But yeah, at the same time, I’m still a little curious. If that was really an issue for her, why was she continuing to date him.

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We are now publicizing online-only events, art shows and other virtual performances on this website. Please submit your events for consideration. When Patrick Moote’s girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal at a UCLA basketball game on the jumbotron, it unfortunately goes viral and hits TV networks worldwide. Days after the heartbreaking debacle, she privately reveals why she can’t be with him forever: Patrick’s small penis.

Unhung Hero. Tweet. F Synopsis; Credits; Director Bio; Contact; Still. Synopsis. When Patrick Moote’s girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal at a UCLA.

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Talking Penis Size With Unhung Hero Patrick Moote

It was covered on major news stations and national talks shows. If this public humiliation wasn’t emasculating enough, Moote’s ex claimed one of the reasons she couldn’t marry him was because his penis was too small. Fueled by this rejection, Moote embarked on a globetrotting quest to answer two questions that are fundamental to masculine identity: 1.

Does penis size really matter? Are there any safe methods for increasing your penis size? The “cockumentary” of Moote’s misadventures follows him from porn conventions to uncomfortable encounters with “dick doctors” in Third World motel rooms.

UnHung Hero[edit]. When Moote’s former girlfriend publicly rejected his marriage proposal on the jumbotron at a UCLA basketball game, the video quickly went.

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